21mm Nato Strap

If you are an owner of a watch with 21mm lug sizes, you’ll be well aware of the frustrating shortage of strap options for you.

While 21mm lug sizes are not as common as the 18mm, 20mm, 22mm. They are still used by watch brands like Orient, Grand Seiko, Omega (planet ocean), JLC, Zenith etc.

So in order to help the watch community we’ve produced our best selling nato strap in 21mm.



It’s a little lonely here with just one nato strap @ 21mm size don’t you think? Fear not, we’re starting off with our best seller to test the waters. We will be bringing in a plain black signature series strap in 21mm in the future.

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Popular watches that suit out 21mm nato watch strap

Non-exhaustive list** of watches that may benefit from our 21mm nato straps, by no means a complete list as we cannot cover every one.

  • Victorinox Chronograph 21mm nato strap
  • Ball Engineer Master ii Diver 21mm nato strap
  • Zenith El Primero 42mm on 21mm nato strap
  • Seiko SNA411 Flightmaster 21mm nato strap
  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT 21mm nato strap
  • Seiko Fieldmaster SBDC011 21mm nato strap
  • JLC Polaris 21mm nato strap
  • Tudor Pelagos 39mm on 21mm nato strap
  • Longines Conquest 41mm on 21mm nato strap

You might think why on Earth would a watchmaker create a watch with 21mm lug width? It seems like a terrible choice for strap options. But it’s not without good reason. Sometimes a watch just suits a 21mm lug.

Picture the Ball Engineer Master ii that’s on 21mm nato strap. If it had 22mm lug width, it would make the lugs thin and require fatter lugs and ruin the look of the watch. Use 20mm lugs and the strap just looks too thin for the watch. So 21mm just seems like the perfect size.

**Please remember to measure your watch before ordering to be 100% sure. Watchmakers have several variations of watches. For instance Omega seamaster Planet ocean are 22mm lug width. It’s only the current GMT version that comes in 21mm. Earlier or Newer versions could come in different lug widths.