Swiss watch industry gives Nato straps the nod.

There was a time when nato straps were regarded as unconventional. It began as the preserve of watch enthusiasts and outdoorsy types who needed to use natos out of practical considerations.

There was a time when, If you put a Nato on a submariner, it would almost be seen as sacrilege. To put such a cheap strap onto such an expensive timepiece was unthinkable.


Natos were first introduced to the public back in 1964, Where James Bone was seen wearing it in Goldfinger. It wasn’t very well received. The nato strap didn’t even fit the watch. It was far narrower than the lugs on the Rolex 6538.

You wouldn’t dream of wearing a nato like this on a watch today. It could be argued that the nato strap used here made the watch look worse than the original bracelet.

It was omega who decided to endorse nato straps in the big screen with its purpose-built nato straps made for the Omega Seamaster Spectre watch, showing James bond wearing it on the film with the same name.

Modern textile manufacturing allows Nato straps to be engineered with luxury and precision in mind. For a start, nato strap fit well, the hardware and fabric surpass anything available even ten years ago.

Our HD premium weave nato straps match the quality of swiss brands at a fraction of the price.

The improved quality has not gone unnoticed. Because of the enhanced quality, swiss watch companies have been producing watches designed to have nato straps fitted as the standard option.

The Oris 65 came with a dazzling array of beautiful pattern nato strap, which set the bar high. Each strap was carefully selected to match the watch. The Oris 65 itself is a fantastic strap monster and looks excellent on a nato strap.

I own the Oris 65 Movember edition with the six o clock date, and it looks perfect on pretty much any nato.

The Breitling outerknown also comes in a nato as standard. Every swiss watch company has decided to make their own unique weaves and patterns to differentiate theirs with aftermarket natos. The Breitling comes with the best hardware on a nato I’ve seen.

Tudor has their own interpretation of a nato strap. They use cotton instead of nylon and use an adjustable buckle, which allows you to increase/decrease the strap’s length. The patterns are made specifically for the watch colorway and are designed to match the watch perfectly.

I’m not sure about the fabric choice given that it’s not waterproof and the porous nature of the material. They don’t refer to it as a nato strap, instead referring to it as a fabric strap.

Our favourite strap by far is the one designed for the Omega Seamaster titanium. It improves on the classic bond nato and takes it up a few notches. The strap has been sought after by other watch enthusiasts as an aftermarket strap option, and we’ve been proud to supply close to the perfect homage of the omega natos.

What’s clear is natos are now considered a standard option for watches, and natos are no longer the preserve of watch enthusiasts. We’ve seen a mainstream update of nato straps over the years.

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